Smartphone and Health

Smartphone and Health Problems

Smartphone is the one of the most innovative device of 21st century, Now almost 90percentage of internet users are now using. This Blog also getting almost 98percent users are using smartphones. Smartphone help us to improve Communication gap, Most of us uspendind 24hours with smartphone. There are many sideeffects for our smartphones, especially health problems.

Smartphone Affects Eye and vision

If you spend too much time too looking at smartphone screen it will surely affect your eye and problems with vision and headache etc. So dont make too much strain on your eyes, give some relax to your eyes after some time gap. try to adjust screen brightness of your phone screen.

Destroys Your Focus on work

If you always looking and thinking about your smartphone, noticications an refreshing your home screen it will surely affect your focus on work, studies etc. How to avoid this ? is it possible? yes it difficult, here is a small tip for you turn off Chat sounds and Vibration or keep your phone silent.

Problems with posture

There many health problem may occur while you sit or lay on some where in wrong postures for long time, by looking at your phone regulary results in backpain, neck pain etc.

Creates Life style Diseases

Just Imagine "Eat-Sleep-Eat-sleep" what happens? It will surely affect your health. As you all know everyone is spentig hours on their smartphone by surfing net, chatting, gaming etc By sitting or without any Physical work, it may cause heakth problems to heart, Cholestrol etc

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