Road to Illikkal Kallu Kottayam Kerala

Road to Illikkal Kallu Kottayam Kerala

Recently We have a small trip to Illickal Kallu, May be you dont hear about it, Non Popular Tourist Destination in Kerala Yes this is one of the most attrative hill station which is situvated in Kottayam distrct.  Illikkal Kallu become more popular when most travelers visited and shared experiences through social media.

Three Big Rocky Hills each Rising to 4000ft above the Sea level form a huge Hill. One of this hill Shaped like a Mushroom and its called Kuda Kallu. Reaching the top of this rock is high risk. You can see the Photos of Ellikkal kallu. Still there are many peoples Cimbing the rock and enjoying View from top. My friends Climbed on the thrid rock (Im Not), At the third rock there is a holy cross. The Sunset and View from illikkal Kallu is So awesome. Traveling facility to Illikkal Kallu is Esay now. You can reach Ellikkalu Kallu from Thekoy (Vagamon Route from Erattupetta) Adukkam Good Road available from here. Watch Amazing Video of Illikkal Kallu HD.

Road to Illikkal Kallu Kottayam Kerala

Route to Illikkal Kallu

Illikkal Mala is located 22 hairpin bends and 6 kms at the Thalanad panchayat , from Meladukkam. Regular buses are readily available to Erattupetta from Kottayam and all significant cities in Kerala.

Road Map:  Kottayam > Palai > Erattupetta > Thekoy >  Illikkal Kallu ( via Adukkam Road)

From Idukki Side

Muvattupuzha > Thodupuzha > Erattupetta > Thekoy >  Illikkal Kallu

The Amazing Views from Illikkal Kallu

See More Photos Illikkal Kallu
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